How should I prioritize my time?

Most tasks fall into some varying combination of importance and urgency, which determines the course of action.

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Wondering who you might delegate tasks to?

  1. Identify a team member on your org chart who can take the work off your plate 
  2. Equip them to complete the task successfully

Another metaphor that can be helpful to understand how to make room for the most important things first:


Steps to block out your ideal weekly schedule:

  1. Create a new calendar in whatever scheduling tool you use (ie, Gmail)
  2. Identify the general time windows you plan to work (ie, 9-5 each day)
  3. Slot in any consistent daily commitments (ie, lunch)
  4. Block out open slots, starting with your highest priorities ("urgent + important")
  5. Fill in any remaining availability ("important")

It can be helpful to include some flexible time toward the end of the day to avoid unforeseen time crunches (who wants to be late for dinner?). 

Like budgeting cash, it can be incredibly freeing to know that there are enough resources to cover the operating commitments of the business and still have extra to spend where you prefer. 

Blocking out your time allows for the most important tasks to be addressed and the peace of mind that you have permission to focus on other less urgent priorities. As a leader, if you don't make time to work on the business, who will?