How do I improve my messaging?

Communicating your business through a story framework can help connect with the heart of your ideal customer, employee, partner or investor.

One way we've crafted Amplify's story is in short paragraph form:

When business owners rely on their gut to make big decisions, they’re putting at risk the future of their business, along with all the hard work that’s gotten them this far. Just one choice based on limited or bad information can lead to pay cuts, letting key team members go, or ultimately selling the business for far less than it’s worth. 

We build tools and analysis to help business owners make better decisions as they grow. This leads to more cash in the bank, happier employees, and peace of mind that the business is increasing in value. 

Better decisions make a business grow and people thrive.

Another way we can unpack what Amplify is setting out to accomplish is through the Storybrand framework:


Small business owner who wants to lead a thriving business that is hitting its full growth potential.



They are unsure if the big decisions they’re making in their business are keeping them on the right path. As a result, they’re worried that relying on their gut intuition could cause harm to their business and the people they love.



After analyzing hundreds of businesses, Amplify’s Growth Guides understand how frustrating it can be to navigate all the variables and unknowns that come with leading and growing a business. 



First, we understand the vision and goals of the business owner. Then, we deep dive into the finances and operations to understand how the business works. Finally, we build a cash flow forecast to show what the growth journey could look like over the coming months and years.


Call to Action:

Try our free cash planning tool, watch our testimonials, learn more about us, or schedule a free strategy call to share where you currently are on your growth journey.



One single decision based on incomplete or bad numbers can undo years of hard work and send the business off track. This could lead to lost profits, discouraged team members and, in some cases, a collapse of the business.



Better decisions make a business grow and people thrive. We often see our clients put more cash in the bank, free up time by hiring new key employees and enjoy a business that is increasing in value.