How do I train a team member?

In order to delegate well, it's essential that the team member is clear on how to accomplish a task successfully.

Ever played the telephone game? It's incredibly easy for the intended message to get lost in translation. 

The key in preparing someone else to successfully accomplish a task in the desired manor is clear communication

The best way to ensure that someone follows through on a delegated task is to outline and simplify the required steps from beginning to end. Being over-detailed doesn't imply a lack of capability or trust, rather it allows for objectivity. 

Documenting tasks can require an initial investment of time, but the benefits live on far beyond the additional work. 

If there's any confusion, there should be an invitation for questions and attention given to update the documentation as needed.

The OMAR framework can be helpful to ensure that the goal is accomplished.

A few tools that have been helpful to document the steps in accomplishing tasks or completing a process:

  • Google Docs (bullet lists, like this one)
  • Asana (phases of a process)
  • Loom (recording the steps in action