In which order could I read the articles?

If you aren't sure which question to ask first, we've put together a basic order to get you started.

Vision / Planning
  1. What is my vision for the future?
  2. How do the parts of my business all work together?
  3. What are the parts of a business plan?

Sales & Marketing

  1. What is the customer pain point my business is solving?
  2. What price should I charge?

Operations / R&D

  1. How do I plan to produce the product or service? 
  2. What are my variable costs to produce and sell each unit?

Cash Flow

  1. What are my unit economics?
  2. What are my fixed expenses required to run the business?
  3. What do I need to do to break even each month?
  4. How do the parts of my business connect to finances?

Organization / People

  1. How should I prioritize my time?
  2. What could my team look like? 
  3. How do I create an org chart?
  4. Who should I hire next?
  5. How could I incentivize my team?

Raising Money

  1. Where should I invest in my growth next?
  2. Do I need to raise money?

Tracking Progress

  1. How do I know if I'm on the right financial track?
  2. When can I afford to _______?
  3. What can I do to make my business more profitable?

Next Steps

  1. How can Amplify help me grow?
  2. Who is the right fit to work with Amplify?