How can I understand Revenue in LivePlan?

The following instructions are important when it comes to understanding actual vs expected cases.

  1. Login to client’s LivePlan account using your business email address
  2. Update financial connection
    1. Click “Dashboard”
    2. Click the “Sync” dropdown menu (top right of screen)
    3. Click “Sync with _________”
  3. Revenue
    1. Click “Dashboard” tab
    2. Click “Trends”
    3. Next to the bold blue “Revenue” menu, select “Current Fiscal Year”
    4. Hover over “Actual Results” box to reveal:
      1. Actual / Amount per day
      2. Target $ forecasted
    5. Select “Line” view
    6. Observe how the blue line (actual year to date) compares to the orange (forecast) and dotted gray (last year) lines
    7. Hover over main “Revenue” drop down menu 
    8. Click “Revenue breakdown” box
    9. Next to the bold blue “Revenue breakdown” menu, select “Last Month” to reveal details from the most previous statement
    10. Next to “Show change in:” select “%” 
    11. Scroll to top and sort columns as desired to identify largest revenue changes against forecast/last period/last year (“Donut” view can be helpful to visualize differences)
    12. Note all changes +/- 10%