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What does OMAR stand for?

The goal of the OMAR framework (Objective, Method, Assumptions, Results) is to bring order out of chaos, and simplify the complex.

Communicating the "why" behind a business decision can be critical to the unity of a team. Thankfully, we can choose a better alternative to chaos and confusion: the OMAR framework.

The goal of the OMAR framework is to bring order out of chaos, and simplify the complex.

  1. Define the objective and goal of the analysis
  2. Map out the best method to go about answering the question
  3. Determine key assumptions and variables that affect outcomes
  4. Identify the important insights and results that reveal best next steps

Applications of the OMAR framework include:

  • Communicating to a client what led to a specific insight 
  • Explaining the thoughts behind a decision to your employees
  • Expressing your plan of action to investors

Example of the framework in action:
  1. The objective is to identify the most profitable way to fulfill orders
  2. The method we used was to break down the cost of shipping with a third party versus shipping ourselves
  3. The assumption is that there's a point where it will become cheaper for us to ship ourselves instead of with a third party (opportunity breakeven)
  4. The result we found is that as soon as we surpass 2500 orders per month, it will become more profitable to ship orders ourselves