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Where should I invest in my growth next?

By identifying the symptoms of bottlenecks in the areas of your business, we can identify potential solutions to alleviate constraints.

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Sales + Marketing

  • Symptom

Cash Flow

Operations / R&D
  • Symptom
    • Inventory is running out, despite available cash to purchase
    • Fulfillment time is too long
    • Products/services are not innovating enough to keep up with competition
    • Customers have purchased everything you offer and have nothing else to buy
  • Solution

Organization / People

Raising Money
  • Symptom
    • Ongoing demand is out-pacing the self-financed growth rate
    • There are unique opportunities that require more cash than is available in the bank
    • There is an opportunity to capture more market share strategically
  • Solution


          • What are the symptoms being experienced? 
          • Which area of the business is having issues? 
          • What levers do we have to improve the cash health of that area?
          • What action steps can be committed to that should improve results?